When simple ideas become reality.

Creating and producing are two different pairs of shoes that need to be linked. When creating the food products from scratch on paper, just with ideas and results of internal trend researches, production is automatically involved from the first moment in order to understand the limits of feasibility or capacity of manpower and machinery. Ideas are excellent – realization is even better!

Our partners.

MV Food & Services is exclusively linked to various state-of-the-art niche convenience food producers. The collaboration is based on an exchange of opinions, on excellent relationships and last but not least on regular meetings with the aim of facilitating the transformation of new ideas into new offers to the final customers. All our partners are top end experts in their field of operation.

Food needs to be a pleasure.

We intend food being part of our lifestyle. Feeding is different, food needs to be enjoyed. The taste, the look and the packaging of it make a visual and sensational effect, but behind a food product needs to stand upright an entire organization that guarantees 100% top quality of the product. MV Food & Services has its own quality assurance and quality measurement skills in order to always keep highest importance to the food safety. All our partners have exactly the same vision of food quality – that’s why we do our job with pleasure.


t is understood that all products of MV Food & Services respect all food hygiene rules. All required certifications are done and according to the markets, local certifications and official approvals are always guaranteed.