Mediterranean life style: Timeless,Good Taste, Wellness and easy chic

Italian Food Culture

The Italian food tradition is inestimable and has ancient origins: fundamental in the history of our Country, it is one of the driving factors of our lifestyle. Food in Italy is a serious matter, our spearhead, with all the Italian Regions able to offer great products. Vibi Mediterraneo is engaged in the rediscovery of quality products and raw materials that represent the true essence of our Land and its traditions.

Why Vibi Mediterraneo?

Unesco has included the Mediterranean diet in its Intangible Cultural Heritage list and through “Vibi Mediterraneo”, our aim is to offer to our Guests and Partners a highly quality food experience according to the importance of this product in Italy and in the Mediterranean coast.

We select only the best raw materials underlying the Mediterranean diet, culture and traditions.

This is just what our Guests and Partners appreciate and look for: quality, through the discovery of hidden traditions; exactly what we want to bring into products, a real Mediterranean diet, its healthy food and its quality.

Italian Recipes and Products… but Not Only

Cuisine represents a patrimony, a gift, a treasure of each and every Italian and Mediterranean people.

Our final Guest has to feal the sensation of living an exclusive experience trough the emotion of one of the most prestigious products of our Land: our food.

Through “Vibi Mediterraneo”, we are providing our Guests with original recepies and products not only Italian, but also with the most important raw materials selected from the Mediterranean countries, non-trivial and with stories to tell, with a passion that parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, have handed in a simple, authentic and true way.

The Symbol Of Guarantee

Company-wide Eco-environmental reconversion

1998 – Launch

2009 – Completed conversion of building, infrastructure, equipment, land care, and business principals

The Estate

Home of the Fasola Bologna family since the 19th century, overlooking the truly unique estate with its hilly landscape, and limestone and chalk rich soil. Where centenarian olive trees have grown into imperfect, beautiful souls, while quietly outliving every human being on earth.

Where the Romans built stone walls by hand to protect the autochthonous vines, Hortus Conclusus. Where the legend of the Estruscan mother, Vubia, lived while dedicating her life to the protection of the land of Monte Vibiano.

Green Revolution

Company-wide Eco-environmental reconversion

1998 – Launch

2009 – Completed conversion of building, infrastructure, equipment, land care, and business principals


As a responsible corporate company, the Castello Monte Vibiano Group has a history of engaging in activity designed to drive social good and Castello Monte Vibiano’s future promise unites their successful Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives.

Castello Monte Vibiano has been recognized for its commitment to sustainability, becoming the first winery to collaborate with the Italian Ministry of Environment to establish best practices for sustainable viticulture.

In addition, in 2008 Castello Monte Vibiano launched its 360degress Green Revolution and achieved the first certification in the world for Zero CO2 emissions the following year in 2009.

These initiatives began as a way to emphasize that sustainability and social good have always been at the centre of the company’s mission. The future promise polices will continue to improve the overall consumer experience whilst also ensuring that the Castello Monte Vibiano Group are in prime position to achieve the ambitious sustainable development goals that the company has long been committed to.

In uniting a range of policies, aims and activities under one single banner, the Castello Monte Vibiano Group employees will be empowered as they work together to achieve these shared goals.